These days, the idea of opening an independent or private medical practice is becoming more and more interesting to medical professionals. Doing so grants doctors the freedom to choose how they want to practice medicine, rather than forcing them to adhere to the rigid policies of a large, corporate healthcare establishment. Physicians that “go it on their own” are in charge of their own operations and can inject their core values into their service, resulting in the unique chance to connect with their patients on a deeper level. This is more ideal when discussing a more “human” approach to medicine when compared to big hospitals that bustle with so much activity that doctors may not get ample time to form lasting relationships with their colleagues and/or clientele. Have you been considering life as an independent medical practitioner? Following are five keys to living a successful life as a solo doctor.

  1. Flexibility – Flexibility is a key characteristic for any independent practice, which means that it is vital for small healthcare providers to be able to adapt quickly to an industry that is rapidly developing along with the rest of the world. New treatments, new medicines, and new care and payment models may emerge and improve upon previous practices – the ones that are flexible enough to keep up will continue to give their patients the most effective service possible.
  2. Ready For Risks – Being prepared for a risky environment involves modern solutions that provide basic administrative support that allows for optimal operational efficiency. This includes strong collaborative ties to a network of healthcare providers, electronic health record (EHR) systems that assist in setting the ideal workflow for staff members, and an improved monitoring system that allows doctors to track patients both in and outside the office. This will make it easier for both physicians and staff members to react quickly and decisively, causing an improvement in patient outcomes and quality of care.
  3. Smart Financial Decisions – As in any kind of organization, the ability to make smart financial decisions improves the chances of prolonged success no matter the industry. Efficiency is key, most especially because every single dollar counts for smaller independent medical practices, most especially when handling issues that require patient reimbursement. Modern financial management solutions exist that can handle both front and back end operations and ensure they work cohesively with the flow of business – including the option to delegate all financial operations to a third party provider that has proven experience in the field.
  4. Coherent, Coordinated Care – Coordination in a medical setting can spell the difference between effective and useless healthcare. By providing a well orchestrated medical service, independent practices can decrease the amount of avoidable errors that increase costs, cause delays, and in the worst cases, harm patients. One good way to promote healthy coordination among staff is to use technologies like EHRs and cloud services that allow employees to get work done securely and with the least amount of time and effort.
  5. Know What Makes You Competitive – Independent medical practitioners need to always be aware of what sets them apart from the competition so that they know exactly what they do well and how they can improve. Most independent practices rely on their ability to make strong connections with their patients, opting to forge lasting relationships that usually result in repeat visits. Furthermore, online patient portals now exist as a way of keeping doctors connected with clients and giving them the medium to immediately share results, records, and recommendations. The more attractive an independent medical practice can be to their patients, the better the chance of success.

TukkoMed knows what it takes to thrive as a private medical practitioner – and we are ready for you to delegate your back-office burdens to us. Reach out today and discover how your path to success intertwines with ours.

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