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TukkoMed is a turnkey solutions provider of quality and timely medical record reviews, and transcription services for Medical-Legal groups and evaluators. We are a group of Medical Back Office Support professionals who are experts in providing services for Doctors specializing in Orthopedic Workers Compensation Reviews, Medical Record Reviews and Medical-Legal Evaluations. Read More….

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Running a clinic is a challenge for a lot of doctors. Aside from attending to patients, you also need to consider the business side of your practice. The good news is you can get help from someone without the hassle of hiring an in-house employee. This is where virtual assistants come in. But do you…

…..Over the last several years, the act of selling and buying consumer products online has grown tremendously. This is also true in the case of various types of medicine – it is now easier than ever for people to search for and purchase drugs over the Internet. Though there are obvious benefits to medicine being…

Medical billing can be very taxing for the managers and billing staff of clinics and small medical practices what with all the details and complex computations and processes involved in such a task. This is the reason more and more practice managers and physicians are now getting rid of their in-house billing staff and deciding…

Everyone has his fair share of medical practice horrors. From filling out lengthy patient forms to misplaced medical transcription, clinics and hospitals are losing clients due to inefficient administrative processes. Identify your current processes To improve patient traffic in your practice, you need to identify your current flow.  How many steps does it take before…

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