The medical industry is undergoing serious change – and most of it can be attributed to the rapid advancement of digital technology. As various medical service establishments move to enhance electronic health record (EHR) systems with modern patient engagement and high-precision programs, the need to improve the overall capability of adopting digital solutions grows more and more as each day passes. By making the switch to cloud technology, medical practices can begin seriously improving the quality of healthcare while lowering operating costs and optimizing workflow in many aspects of medical service.

Cloud services are not only cheaper than on-premises storage options, they help make any operation more versatile in a number of ways. Data stored on a cloud is easily accessed by anyone granted the authorization to view or edit files through a computer or mobile device anywhere on the planet, making the transfer of vital information faster and more convenient than ever before. Furthermore, many cloud providers also utilize payment schemes that can scale up or down depending on the client’s requirements, so organizations need only to pay for exactly what they need – no more, no less. The cloud offers a plethora of different options that are not even possible with on-premises hardware, making it the superior alternative (provided you have chosen a good provider).

Many hospitals and doctor’s offices are currently running off of a hybrid system that involves both on-premises and cloud storage solutions. This is useful as the industry shifts from one technology to another while making use of storage equipment that they already have. However, it can be expected that the cloud will eventually surpass on-site data storage as the king of convenient storage technology (at least until a new advancement comes along that changes the game again). The most important thing to consider for everyone involved in medical practice is that these new technological advancements need to be embraced as quickly as possible. This would allow the entire industry to transform into its most efficient version yet, liberating medical staff from the burdensome paperchase that takes attention away from the most important people in healthcare – the patients.

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