Last year was one of the most challenging years ever to be a medical practitioner. The emergence of Covid-19 kicked off a worldwide emergency that continues to affect people all over the planet. Now that vaccines are in the market, people have started to look forward to better times. Some doctors have started refocusing themselves, setting new goals and planning for the future. If you are one such doctor, then this article is for you. Read on about three habits that may improve your chances of building up a successful routine for 2021 and beyond. 

  • Revive Face To Face Relationships – Although one may not be able to embark on this just yet, but it is going to be incredibly refreshing to revive face to face relationships once the pandemic is over. Apart from finally breaking the monotony of a physically distant reality, it has been scientifically proven that interacting with another human in person causes oxytocin, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness, to be released into our system. After the craziness we have all just been through, the pursuit of happiness is more important than it ever was before.
  • Plan Your Finances And Stick To It – If the financial turmoil caused by Covid-19 did not indicate to you the need to have financial stability, then nothing will. Do yourself a huge favor by putting money aside for your own personal “crisis fund”, which is a bank account with money that you can draw during times of crisis. Try to put aside up to six months’ worth of monthly expenses into your crisis fund, then enroll it in a time deposit to earn interest while the fund is dormant.
  • Make Sure To Get Regular Sleep – Working in the medical industry is a serious job, one that often spells the difference between the life and death of patients. It has been proven that poor sleeping habits cause feelings of exhaustion, tiredness, and depression, which in turn may increase the possibility of human-made errors in the process. Furthermore, lack of sleep has also proven to elevate risks related to obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes – so make sure to set a reasonable bedtime for yourself and commit to maintaining at least seven hours of sleep a day.

Thank you to all doctors, nurses, and staff members that continue to provide healthcare services to the citizens of the Great State of California. Keep checking our blog for medical practice tips and if you are looking to get into Qualified Medical Evaluation, send Tukkomed a message today!

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