…..Have you ever tried to apply for health coverage only to find out you can’t afford it because of huge premium spikes linked to one or more pre-existing medical conditions? If so, then you may have experienced the same feelings of betrayal that many others have felt when turning to a healthcare system designed to profit off of their diseases, instead of helping them. If you are one of the many people being exploited by unscrupulous healthcare insurance practices that target your vulnerability, then your days of being milked may soon be over – as Congress mulls over HR692, otherwise known as the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act of 2019.

…..Should this law pass, it will impose much needed policies created in order to protect people with pre-existing medical conditions from being charged insanely high premiums for coverage. Insurers will no longer be able to deny insurance coverage to people suffering from medical conditions, nor will they be able to charge them exorbitant rates because of them. This should alleviate the concerns of millions of sick Americans yearning for fairness and understanding from an industry supposedly centered around helping them. Furthermore, and perhaps the most important change this new law has to offer, is that it promises to reverse most of the policies that made it possible for insurers to exploit technicalities at the expense of American workers and force the industry to comply with the intended vision and direction of Congress. 

…..The law would also expand coverage to be made available to a wider scope of people as well as make insurance more affordable for everybody. Millions more people would be deemed eligible for coverage as the bill seeks to include workers who already benefit from employer coverage, while other aspects of the law seek to relieve “low to moderate income consumers” by reducing their premiums to an amount that equals to less than ten percent of their total income. With all the rising costs and difficulties of daily life, every dollar saved contributes to making life just that much easier for the average Joe. Needless to say, these changes would go a long way in safeguarding the working American and deliver them from an ecosystem wherein they are the prey for greed-driven insurer-predators. 

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