Doctors today live in a world that has been transformed through modern technology, which has resulted in the emergence of certain types of equipment that has made this incredibly complicated profession just a little bit easier for everyone. These new devices go a long way in making a physician’s job more convenient and compatible with the plethora of modern apps that have been designed to help record and monitor data, then communicate it to patients and other doctors. Most importantly, they allow doctors to save valuable time that can be spent handling more patients or even resting to regain energy and sanity. Following are five essential devices every physician needs today.

  • Bluetooth Stethoscope – Bluetooth stethoscopes are all about the ability to record sounds and store them for future reference. This allows doctors the ability to check and recheck audio recordings for things they may have missed as well as share their recordings with physicians and patients. This makes it easier to get alternative opinions on the sound of a person’s heartbeat or breathing and to report findings to a patient and his or her family members when describing a finding.
  • Electronic Dictation Programs – Handwriting notes is a good habit, but the actual writing of the notes can prove to be a massive time waster. Work together with your IT Department and find out how you can integrate electronic dictation programs into your practice. Being able to “say” your notes on a well-calibrated app has been said to be five times faster than writing out notes on paper – which can save you up to one whole hour each and every day.
  • The Oura Ring – The Oura Ring may just be the best biometric data tracking advice out there. Not only does it record medical data at a professional level, it goes beyond the usual fitness tracker by providing sleep and heart rate variation data as well. The Oura Ring is then capable of suggesting actions that could improve sleep and body performance, playing a direct role in the health and wellness of its wearer.
  • Smart Glucose Meter – The occurrence of diabetes has been increasing with each passing year, mostly due to the emergence of sedentary lifestyles as a societal norm. Doctors are encouraged to recommend such devices to their diabetic patients, but can most certainly find a use for it in practice as well. Many variants come with an app that can make almost any smart device receive glucose readings, thereby making it far more convenient to monitor the progress of diabetes.
  • Wireless BP – While it’s still good enough to have your normal velcro-type sphygmomanometer , why not upgrade to the wireless version? Not only will this make it easier for doctors to read blood pressure more accurately, patients that have the same device can also send their bp data straight to you. Apart from that, many wireless blood pressure devices are able to recommend actions for managing hypertension based on guidelines set by the American Heart Association (AHA).

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