Doctors are beginning to realize that the Covid-19 virus has been causing dangerous clotting of the blood that has resulted in strokes, heart attacks, and other major issues in the lungs and/or legs of their patients. It has been noted during autopsies that tiny blood clots that are damaging to tissues all over the human body are occurring in the coronavirus-infected, perplexing an industry that once considered the virus exclusive to the respiratory system. Because of these findings, scientists and leading doctors at major universities all over the world are changing the way they handle their patients in an attempt to minimize risks and come up with a drug that could fight off the dreaded disease effectively.

It has also been noted that medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity can elevate the risk of blood clotting in patients – but it has been suggested that the way in which the Covid-19 virus behaves, and how the body adjusts to it, plays an important role in how the disease takes hold of a patient. Currently, it is believed that the virus gains access to the body via various enzyme-receptors – including those found in the lining of cells inside blood vessels. This gives rise to the possibility that clotting occurs when these vessels are injured during viral spread, in turn causing the body to react strongly to these injuries by becoming inflamed and further increasing the risk of clotting.

The prevalence of this happening to people only mildly affected with the disease is still unknown, and it has been stated that there is not enough evidence to recommend a clot screening routine for all Covid-19 patients that have yet to show symptoms of clotting (pain, inflammation, red discoloration in arms or legs). However, some hospitals report that around 40% of coronavirus deaths are due to blood clots. While the healthcare industry works around the clock to get to the bottom of this, doctors are asked to encourage their patients to avoid sedentary living by planning indoor exercises and activities that can be accomplished at home while practicing safe physical distancing.

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