The main job of a doctor is to heal others through the practice of medicine and is considered, arguably, one of the most important professions in the world. In the past, it was possible for doctors to focus only on their medical practice, having no other related activity to consider. But in a world connected by the Internet, modern doctors have taken to online blogging by sharing personal stories, commenting on industry issues, and gaining traction with potential clients in their audience. While blog writing does require a surplus of time (not something many doctors have an abundance of), it has also become much easier in recent years to get started – and if having one can set you apart from other medical providers in your area, then it may be a good idea to do just that. Following are five reasons for doctors to get into blogging. 

  • Content Marketing Can Take You Places – This is the best way to promote your practice without trying too hard to fish for sales. Providing great content that is relevant to your audience can draw interest in your services as well as get your thoughts and views out in public. Do this well, and you stand to build your own professional reputation up in the eyes of your audience. Some popular methods of content marketing include publishing articles and blogs online, providing social media commentary on current issues, and posting informative videos that are relevant to the medical industry.
  • Become A “Thought Leader” – It may sound corny but being a “thought leader” in the eyes of your audience is where you want to be. By constantly delivering strong content that resonates with your audience, your opinion may be sought after as people become more intrigued in what you have to say. Not only will this distinguish you as a well-known professional, it will also generate many opportunities to market yourself.
  • Stay On Top Of Search Results – These days, the majority of people rely on online searches as primary sources of information. By maintaining a steady stream of interesting content (and practicing good SEO), you can increase your chances of being seen by remaining on top of search results. Since most people only ever click through the first three pages of search results, this means that you will be able to maximize your chances of drawing traffic to your website – which in turn results in more exposure and, eventually, more business.
  • Give Others Something To Link To – You know you’ve got it going on if other websites begin to cite your website as reference by creating “backlinks”, which are hyperlinks embedded in an image or text that lead their audience directly to you. But how can they do that if you’ve got nothing for them to link to? Maintaining a blog will provide the content that others may need, increasing the chances that you are referenced as a source, and cementing your legacy as a visionary in your field.
  • Make Use Of Social Media – Although social media was intended for families and friends to stay connected online, many professionals have utilized it to great success. Almost everybody has a social media account these days, which is why it has become a viable channel to reach nearly any audience. Share your blog and article content and watch your views rack up – then make sure to engage in friendly correspondence with anybody that gets in touch via comment or direct message. The more success you have interacting with social media, the greater the chances of connecting to more people that may need your services.

One solution for time-strapped doctors interested in blogging is to seek an alliance with a reliable strategic partner that is familiar with the content creation process. Do you want your voice to be heard? Get in touch with TukkoMed and tell us your story today.

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