The spread of the coronavirus has brought about a worldwide pandemic that has shocked the world while grinding normal everyday life to a near standstill. The last few months have been a time of great uncertainty, loss, and fear – and there is still no end in sight, as doctors and scientists race to find a vaccine that can end this crisis once and for all. The longer this continues to draw out, the more people will continue to be plunged into the depths of financial despair, increasing the chances that normal, hard-working, and usually law-abiding Americans will turn to fraudulent schemes in order to make much-needed money. So, stay on your toes and read on to find out about five common ways desperate people may try to scam you during these crazy times.

  1. Health Insurance Fraud – It is far too juicy a target for scammers to pass up a chance at fooling anxious people in times of uncertainty. One can expect the proliferation of a variety of different insurance scams intended to take payments from people for a service that is non-existent. Anyone can be the target of this – but the most common victims are senior citizens and handicapped people who are merely trying to secure themselves during this global health crisis.
  2. Bogus Injury Claims – With the growth of the work-from-home job sector, the definition of “workplace injury” has become blurred. It is certain that some people will attempt to cash in by putting in a claim for an injury sustained at their homes, whether it was caused by a relevant work activity. If insurers are not careful, they may end up with a serious headache trying to determine which claims are likely to be false.
  3. Automobile Fraud – Another popular ruse is the one where people decide to stage accidents to make claims on vehicle and injury insurance. They fool insurance companies into thinking that the “damage” was caused in a way deemed “insurable” so that they can cash in on the service. This happens especially when the scammers own an old or unwanted model of a car and may be interested in “leveling up” their ride or just having access to liquid funds.
  4. Arson – The pandemic has brought widespread unemployment, fear, and uncertainty – and in these types of situations, homeowners may easily find themselves in a tough situation with their debts, mortgages, and other payments. People that feel like they have no other choice may resort to intentionally setting fire to their homes to claim on insurance. Keep an eye out for people that suddenly increase their coverage plans – it may just be a matter of time before they attempt to make a wrongful claim.
  5. Ambulance Chasing – Finally, always be aware of the existence of “ambulance chasers”. These are people that find ways to exploit the law to sue other people or establishments. The sudden onset of the coronavirus makes it even more probable for these tricksters to try, as it may become easier for them to draw sympathy with various stories that place themselves as the victim. If their efforts somehow succeed, they stand to gain large amounts of money by way of settlements or assigned damages – even if their stories are fabricated out of thin air.

So keep a weather eye out for fraudsters and scammers during these tough times, and remember – you can come to TukkoMed anytime for updates about the workers’ compensation system and to find opportunities to serve as a qualified medical evaluator for the great State of California.

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