…..Much like a business organization, the medical profession relies on teams of humans working together in order to succeed in their chosen practice – which means that it is imperative that doctors, specialists, and nurses learn how to trust each other and work as a cohesive unit towards a common goal. But good team chemistry is not as common as people may think, and it takes a group of reliable people that collectively prioritize getting things done right. Add this to the ultra high-pressure environment of the medical practice and it is easy to see the potential for disaster when a medical team is unable to function satisfactorily.


Following are five general rules that will help teams collaborate and promote trustworthiness and teamwork among your team members:

  1. Brainstorm and indicate what the main goals, priorities, and timelines are for each and every task – the important thing is that everything needs to be clear, especially about what roles each member agrees to fulfill and by when everyone is expected to do it.
  2. Establish proper and constant communication – there should be regular meetings for the sharing of constructive feedback – and consensus needs to be sought for every major decision to be made. Most importantly, problems and disagreements between team members need to be discussed, debated, resolved, and should never be avoided. 
  3. If you are the leader: Make sure to consistently apply what was agreed upon by the team and get involved when someone is not performing up to par with what is expected and/or is refusing to follow on purpose. Intervene if necessary.
  4. Check in regularly to inspect and make sure things are going well. Expect the need for adjustments, improvements, and solutions to problems encountered.
  5. Set an agreement with your team that the default assumption is that everyone on the team has the best intentions – until otherwise proven.

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