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Medical device manufacturer Philips has expressed worries of a possible halt in production due to the semiconductor shortage currently being felt all over the world. This should raise alarm bells because should this stoppage in production ever happen it would endanger the healthcare industry by leaving hospitals short on equipment. Appeals have been made to chip suppliers to make sure that supply chains for medical device manufacturers are prioritized – and while it is reasonable to put an industry that helps treat and cure humans before others, doing so will surely have an impact on other industries.

The semiconductor shortage will affect everything from computer parts to mobile devices, to cars, and more – and steps must be taken to make sure that these industries are able to meet their demand for these chips. President Joe Biden has already been requested by concerned organizations to help by funding more semiconductor manufacturing activities within the US. Meanwhile, the largest semiconductor producer in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), elevated its own capital for operations to nearly $30 billion. While that sounds good for the future of the semiconductor industry, it will take at least five years to get a brand-new chip fabrication operation underway.

Taking a closer look at the problem, it seems that supplies of semiconductors all over the world are actually increasing – so that is not the problem. The shortage is caused by the initial response to the pandemic, which resulted in a precautionary slowdown of transactions for many companies all over the world. That, in turn, caused semiconductor fabricators to forge agreements with other companies that recognized the opportunity and arranged for the prioritization of their needs, effectively leaving the others waiting on the side until their orders are completed. Unfortunately, despite President Biden’s calls to action regarding the semiconductor shortage, it is highly improbable that Philips and other medical device manufacturers will see any significant progress soon.

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