Digital marketing strategies are vital for the success of any modern business in any industry, and the same can be said for those involved in the medical practice. Because of the emergence of the coronavirus last year, a significant part of the global population was forced into practicing physical distancing protocols, leading businesses to adapt by leveraging modern technologies to keep operations afloat throughout the pandemic. In the healthcare industry, the need to reach clients through various digital platforms (such as social media) coincided with a race to expand telehealth services – driving both patients and doctors to become comfortable in a digital setting. Following are five questions about digital marketing that people involved in running a medical practice must ask themselves to make the most out of 2021.

  • What are our goals? Every practice should have a general goal to work towards. Keep them simple and attainable – it is not worth the risk of overloading yourself with unrealistic goals only to feel like you are constantly unable to attain them. Identify something that is solid and measurable, strategize around it, and then work hard to progress towards it. Not only will this help keep you and your colleagues aligned with the mission, it is also something that can help flesh out the direction of digital content for your website or social media account.
  • How are we different? Practices usually rely on the track records and achievements of their physicians, and this remains a good way to attract and retain patients. Sometimes, though, it is also important to separate yourself from the competition by showing people what makes you different from others. Consider anything that people would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, such as, but not limited to, special treatments and improved patient assistance, then let people know about it by focusing your digital marketing campaign on it. You might be surprised to find out how many people needed your services but just did not know where to look for them.
  • Who can we help? Are there specific types of patients that you specialize in helping? If so, make sure you target them whenever you talk about your practice. It helps to document these details so that it is clear for everyone involved – including any unique treatments available. This way, resources are not wasted on marketing to people you do not intend to service, and you make it easier for search engines to direct the right kind of traffic in your direction.
  • What platforms do we choose? One common mistake in digital marketing is taking advantage of all the free platforms available online immediately to maximize the audience being reached. The best thing to do is to first succeed in constructing a single channel. Make sure that any messages or comments are responded to in a professional manner – and that posts are relevant and posted on a consistent schedule. Invest in ads that are paid “per click” and make use of Facebook to help keep your content visible to those who have interacted with your website or app in the past. Once you are doing all of this on a consistent basis, only then should you consider building a new audience through a different channel.
  • What kind of content should we post? Once you answer the questions above (especially numbers 2 & 3), it should be easier for you to decide what kind of content you need for your digital marketing campaign. In general, there are two types of content that are commonly seen in the healthcare industry – research on various diseases, treatments, medicines, and medical technologies as well as crucial details about the establishment behind the publication. It is a good idea to have a good mix of both, paired with a solid blog section. It may also be in your best interest to include a section for specialized video content, which has been proven as an effective way to get people to interact with and share.

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