The current health care system can take a toll on the financial aspect of any medical practice, especially the small ones. And that’s bad news. But since there are two sides to every coin, there’s also good news: you can always find a way to improve the situation to help your struggling medical practice regain its good financial standing. One of which is to increase your productivity as a physician and achieve excellent doctor-patient relationships.

Here are five tips that won’t only help physicians like you become more productive but will also help improve your patients’ satisfaction:

  1. Continue to educate yourself.

There’s no better way to become more productive than being knowledgeable about the various aspects of the practice. Even if you don’t have plans of becoming a practice manager, it always pays if you know how to read and interpret data on the reports. Also take some time to talk with your accountant, practice manager, and other in-house employees, and make sure you’ll learn from every conversation you have with them.

  1. Focus on patient care.

Make best use of your working hours by spending them on direct and more focused patient care. If you are working 40 hours a week in the practice, be sure to allocate at least 37 hours doing what you do best—providing your patients with quality healthcare.

  1. Use technology to your advantage.

Using the latest technology wisely will surely improve workflow in your practice. Up-to-date software and apps make demanding tasks more manageable, therefore reducing your need for additional staff. Monitoring the patient flow and cash flow also becomes easier, so you can have more time for MD duties.

By using the latest software for administrative works, medical billing, and other tasks, you can be confident enough in delegating non-MD duties to your in-house staff.

  1. Implement excellent scheduling system.

Your schedule has a direct impact on your efficiency and productivity. So if you want to become more productive, you have to employ a good scheduling system. This will surely improve patient flow in your practice, which translates to additional income. If you are still using an old-school or manual system, try automating it but be sure first that you have well-established scheduling policies and guidelines for you to adhere to, regardless of any system upgrade.

  1. Outsource when necessary.

If you think you can’t afford to hire the necessary manpower to handle some of the administrative tasks or you just don’t have enough know-how or resources to help you accomplish back-office works, then you might as well outsource it. Outsourcing doesn’t mean losing control over the administrative aspect of the practice but simply delegating tasks to a third-party company rather than to your in-house staff.

These five tips, when combined with wise use of technology and resources, will surely help your medical practice attain a secure and stronger financial footing.

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