…..Organizations rely on people to pay money for their products and/or services, which means that online marketing is key for survival in the Information Age – and the same is true for doctors, nurses, and any other medical service providers. This is due to the increasing number of people seeking information they require online. According to this report by Jane Weaver of NBC News, 80% of all internet users, estimated at 93 million Americans, use internet search engines when they have questions about “health-related topics”. Needless to say, having a presence online is vital for any physician looking to be on the radar; while incorporating a good email marketing plan will give off the “radar blips” that indicate your location and bring valuable traffic to you. Below are 6 easy email marketing tips you need to get started:

  • Build Your List of Subscribers – Provide easy sign-up options on your website, your social media accounts, at the events you attend, and anywhere else you can – so people can subscribe to you quickly and engage directly. Accumulate as many contacts as you can. 
  • Personalize Emails – Always look into personalizing your attempts at communication with another human being. There are email tools at your disposal that can help create modifiable templates that allow you to easily do this. Be creative and try to inject appropriate humor, or something fun, when doing so in order to draw interest from them. 
  • Short And Sweet – This may be obvious to some, but you would be surprised at how many companies write huge, long passages of text in their emails. The trick is to keep things short and sweet, because these days nobody reads things that take too long (TLDR). Use bullet-points in order to make it easier for people to digest and perhaps even images or graphics that can help illustrate your content – just be careful since some email providers may categorize images/graphics as spam.
  • Value Is Important – Ensure that your content has something that your readers want or need to know. You can attempt to teach them about new medical technology, or perhaps offer a promo at your practice. You may even offer up advice in the way of tips that can help your audience understand modern health concerns or anything relevant to health or medicine. Doing this increases the value of your content and the more informative you are, the more your clients will appreciate your emails. 
  • Mobile-friendliness – These days, everybody has a cellphone. Ignoring that fact is a big mistake. Keep your online content mobile-friendly, so that people can easily open up and read your content on their mobile phones. Failing to do this will result in a large loss of traffic from people that access the internet primarily with a cellphone unit. 
  • Beware The Spam Filter – Finally, make an effort to avoid the various spam filters that are out there. Otherwise, everything you have done up to this point will be wasted when your recipients never receive your content. Remind your subscribers to actively choose to receive your emails within their email provider interface. Avoid typing in all caps or using excessive exclamation marks, as well. If your HTML is poorly formatted, spam filters may also pick up on that and send your emails to the spam bin.

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