…..The end of the year is a good time to think about feelings of personal contentment, happiness, and fulfillment. If a physician realizes they are no longer happy or interested in their job, then perhaps it is a good idea to shift to another career within the medical industry. There can be many reasons for a doctor wanting a change of scenery: mistaken career choices, evolving interests & passions, changing life situations, burnout, etc. – and all of them are valid. Do you feel ready for a change? If so, then read on to find five major considerations when shifting careers in the medical industry. 

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO – Find people who have experience in the field you are pursuing and get them to tell you how to prepare for a career there. Search online for articles and blog posts that have valuable information that you need in order to make an informed decision. The moment you clearly know what you want to do, begin the process of knowing everything it takes to work in your chosen career. This way you will have a general idea of what to expect, which goes a long way in making successful preparations.
  1. BE DECISIVE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT – Do not be scatter-brained about the direction you want to embark on. Choose one job and focus on becoming the best person for it. Being decisive will help you accumulate knowledge and contacts relevant to your chosen career, and will make it easier for when you must put together a resume or portfolio that is perfect for that specific job. 
  1. FIND PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOR YOU – It’s one thing to have a great resume and cover letter that catches attention for all the right reasons – but there’s nothing like having friends in the right places that can vouch for you to those who make the decision of hiring you or not. Take the time to establish a network of connections in your chosen field – it will be far more effective than just sending out a hundred job applications.
  1. BE AWARE OF ALL JOB REQUIREMENTS- One of the worst impressions you can make is applying for a job that you don’t know the requirements to. Most job offers come with lengthy explanations and lists of things you need in order to apply to the job – but what does it say about you if you didn’t even take the time out to read it? If this is something that gives you a difficult time, look into hiring experts that can help organize your job applications so you don’t give off the wrong impression right off the bat. 
  1. COMMIT YOURSELF AND WAIT FOR THE BEST FIT – Many people work hard to put an application together, only to accept the first job offer they are handed. Take the time to review, analyze, and wait for the best possible fit. Remember, once you make a decision, you will most likely be stuck working in that profession for at least a few years before you will be able to change careers again. Think about your passion, your purpose, and your situation realistically – and only accept the job once you are absolutely certain.

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