There is more to operating a medical practice than just dealing with patients; on top of providing actual medical services, it is of equal importance for physicians to know how to run a successful business. Without adequate business skills, a doctor’s practice will suffer setbacks and run in a wasteful and disorganized fashion – affecting the quality of service that patients receive. Following are 5 tips aimed at helping physicians get organized, support long term doctor-patient relationships, and move towards a successful medical practice.


  1. Surround Yourself With The Right People – Though you may be the doctor, you won’t get anywhere trying to do everything on your own. Hire smart, responsible people to help you run a tight ship. Employees that prove to be invaluable to your operation should be rewarded with benefits and a good salary – as it is more cost-effective for you to pay a good employee well, rather than deal with cheap but incompetent workers.
  2. Be Hands-On With Your Team – It’s important for your employees to know that you are there for them, especially in the workplace. Help them by being hands-on with office tasks when possible. This goes a long way towards making your staff appreciate your presence in the office, which contributes to overall workplace happiness.
  3. Invest In A Great Website – Any business or operation in the Information Age that does not yet have a website is missing out on an essential part of modern day business. Rely on an experienced team of website designers to provide you with a “mobile-ready” site that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. Make sure that your site remains updated and that the content includes sections where patients can book your services or inquire immediately online.
  4. Prioritize Your Patients – According to this article, doctors should spend at least 37 hours a week on direct patient care. The more hours spent with patients, the better – as long as you keep a realistic workflow. Doctors need to always be of sound mind when handling patients because mistakes happen more when exhausted.

            Finally, all doctors need to consider hiring a good lawyer. Attorneys will help you choose a legal business structure, which will sort out taxes, lawsuits, and advise you on drafting legal documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization and/or any partnership agreements – relevant to your chosen business structure.

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